Chris Christie sounded like he backed the President and then started sounding like Republican Rino this morning while speaking on Fox and Friends.  A question from the audience was:

One of the men in the audience asked Christie – When will Hillary Clinton be singled out for her crimes?

Christie’s answer was:  That Jeff Sessions was the AG at the time and failed to do his job and we missed the ‘WINDOW.’

MISSED THE WINDOW – what does that mean?  The crimes Clinton committed were TREASON against  our country and there should be no window just because the Elite Rinos (Session) were a part of her scheme.   It is time for the new AG to bring this forward and let a Grand Jury review her crimes and let them decide not a bunch of politicians who were her buddies.   We know how the FBI exonerated her which in itself was a crime.

The American people who voted for Trump want the crimes committed against this country by trying to over throw the government – Obama, Hillary, FBI, and the DOJ -taken to the Grand Jury.  We cannot let this go unanswered.  If we do, they will continue this over throw of the Constitution by these Obama/Muslims.



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