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The Democrat socialists have become the party of the killing fields. Just think – they want to kill people by bringing in drugs, kill future people with abortion and ripping babies out of the womb, and kill people on the streets like in Chicago where they have taken the rights of gun owners away.  Now they are trying to take away all guns  from all of the people.  And, then I don’t have to tell you what comes next which is our FREEDOM.

Onward Christian/other soldiers.

Why would these legislative hypocrites vote against the wall – because they are now rich by being paid off by Soros?

Time to disband the Democrat socialists and put them on the “terror watch” list.


Arlin Report

Listening to these legislators who state they are against Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on the U.S./Mexican border is at a massively high level of hypocrisy and stupidity.   The Democrats and a few Republicans don’t believe the flow of illegals, drugs  human trafficking, and criminal gangs and disease are a threat to our nation.  These fruitcakes believe Trump is abusing the constitution declaring such an emergency to use funds to build the border wall.   They totally disregard that Obama declared a number of national emergencies, to get his way, and none of these people who are barking at Trump never so much as sneezed.

Lets not forget many of these elected jackassery officials once voted for funds supporting building a border wall in the past.   Now that Trump is president, they’ve had a change of heart. Possibilities are: 1) They either voted for it in the past “just for…

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