KOMMONSENTSJANE – U.S. Postwar Immigration Policy 1952 – 2018 by the Council on Foreign Relations. By: My Views – Lawson Akhigbe

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America cannot continue to be the dumping grounds for the world’s depraved who become depraved by electing socialists who promise to share their country’s rich wealth and then eventually run out of money. Now they want to use the U.S. as the dumping grounds of the world’s illiterate.

The message to these people – stay in your own country and fight for what is rightly yours.

This is what the U.S. is fighting right now – because those fools who elected Obama, the Prince of Fools, and then took our country to a new low .  Now we have the same socialists fools who want to elect another Prince of Fools in 2020.  Our Czech friend is warning us of the dangers of  the multitude of fools who want to elect another Prince of Fools and want to take us down the same road of other countries who turned to socialism; and,  at this point there is not even one country which has survived when they became a socialist country.  Why are these fools doing this – because Obama and these fools are trying to make it a Muslim country – PLAIN AND SIMPLE.




Centre for Nigeria Progress

Immigration has been an important element of U.S. economic and cultural vitality since the country’s founding. This interactive timeline outlines the evolution of U.S. immigration policy after World War II.


As the Cold War deepens, the U.S. government consolidates its immigration and naturalization laws into one comprehensive federal policy. The McCarran-Walter Act ends policies stemming from the late nineteenth century designed to exclude Asian immigrants. However, the bill upholds the ethnicity-based quota system for new immigrants that favored white Europeans, revising limitations to admit one-sixth of 1 percent of each group already in the United States. President Harry Truman vetoes the bill, citing discrimination against Asian immigrants and decrying the “absurdity, the cruelty of carrying over into this year of 1952 the isolationist limitations of our 1924 law.” Congress overrides him to pass it.


Eisenhower Launches ‘Operation Wetback

The postwar period causes a swell of illegal immigration to…

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