KOMMONSENTSJANE – “Build the Wall!”: Thousands of Americans Send Bricks to Nancy Pelosi



Jack Murphy wants House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to know that millions of patriots want Congress to stop obstructing President Donald Trump and start funding the much-needed wall across the southern border. But instead of simply writing another blog arguing for the creation of the wall, Murphy decided to make a statement in a way that Pelosi could not ignore.

“We wanted a fun and creative way to tell the Democrats that we’re serious about the wall,” Murphy said. “And what better way to send Pelosi a message than with thousands of bricks at her front door?”

Murphy’s I Love My Freedom website has indeed encouraged thousands of supporters to purchase and send bricks to Pelosi’s California and Washington, D.C. offices in the hopes that she will get the picture.

Each brick is sent with an identical message of support for Trump’s border wall:

Dear Nancy Pelosi,

Every brick you receive was ordered specifically for you by the American people.

Many of them even left a friendly message for you. As you’ll see below, we’ve included them.

We hope you’ll take some time and think about the way you’re treating the safety of the American people.

All 7,982 bricks that we’re sending you have been ordered by Americans across the country in less than nine days.

You’ll be receiving weekly shipment of bricks to your Washington, D.C., and San Francisco office until you take care of your duty.

We thank you for your open mind and willingness to do what the American people have asked.


Your Friends at the DJT Collector Club

You’ve gotta love it.

President Trump has decided he’s not getting anything of substance out of Congress, and he’s using a national emergency declaration to free up military funds that can be used to build the wall. Whether or not this gambit is successful remains to be seen. What is certain, however, is that millions of Americans see nothing “racist” or “immoral” about shoring up our border security, and nothing does that like a big, fat concrete wall.

Wayne Dupree collected a number of personal messages from brick-senders who wanted to make sure Pelosi heard their message:

From Diane C. in Florida: “Build the wall or take the wall around your house down and give up your security because you’re against guns.”

From Paul K. in Florida: “Make a wall in your office to keep illegals out. Walls are necessary.”


From Mary R. in Georgia: “Build the wall — then pass immigration reform to eliminate birthright citizenship, eliminate chain immigration, and change lottery immigration to merit-based immigration. A must to save our country.”

From Robert H. in Illinois: “Do the job you swore an oath to and protect the Constitution of the United States of AMERICA!”

It’s unlikely that any of this will change Pelosi’s mind, we suppose, but you know, sometimes it just feels good to vent. If she isn’t going to protect our borders, she should at least understand that millions of Americans take exception to that position. A continuous delivery of bricks to her doorstep ought to do the trick quite nicely.

A 12th Century solution for a 21st Century problem is stupid. Border security… YES. A ‘wall’… not so much.

Dick about an hour ago
It’s very obvious you’ve not spent any time at the border; or, have any credentials as a qualified and experienced border expert. Walls do work according to all the experts, both in our country and in others where walls have been proven effective.

Carl 27 minutes ago
BDOG. The waste of money is the billions we we spend on illegal aliens entering our country through an unsecured border. Not to mention the billions of dollars we pay treating people with drug overdoses or resulting crime from those same people. My ancestors came to this cuntry legally and with no aid from the government. They got jobs, raised families, attended church, gave to the community legally without welfare or other government programs. These new illegals are coming into our country for what they can get for free.Yes many want to make a better life for themselves and their families and that is good and noble. But do it legally as was done before. Not illegally supported by a party who wants them only for their votes. And if walls are so bad why do all of these politicians have walls surrounding their homes? Why is Obama constucing one in the swankiest neighborhoods in D.C? Why is Hungary constructing one in Europe? Why is Mexico constructing one on its southern border? Pelosi says it is immoral. If it is immoral for American citizens, why is it not immoral for them? Two standards. One for Dems and one for Americans.

Ervina Coyle about 2 hours ago

Stan about an hour ago
Do u really think u r somehow going to “bring down” rich people by taxing them. I really doubt they have big pots of $ just sitting around. They invest it in businesses that EMPLOY lots of folks like maybe u & me. Border security experts say THEY NEED A WALL. So who r we 2 believe, u or them? I’ll say THEY r the “go to” source on this 1. And if border security is what u want Democrats r not ur party. Dems r AGAINST border security because they know these immigrants vote Democrat. ..pure & simple.

Dorothy Paul about an hour ago
Then, I guess, you want us to sent all these invaders to your house for you to take care of – You know they can all live with you and you can spend YOUR money and resources to attend to all their needs and wants and demands. If not, then STHU! The border wall is necessary for the safety and sovereignty of our nation.

Dorothy Paul about an hour ago
The above was directed to BDog!

flyfisher111 about 5 hours ago
And as far as tax breaks are concerned, you have not thought that through beyond your first talking point.

The top 10% of taxpayers paid 2/3 of all taxes. The bottom 50% paid 3% of all federal taxes, and about 40% paid NO taxes. So how do you give tax breaks to someone who paid none? Is it surprising that tax cuts affect those who actually pay taxes?

Dkdj about 5 hours ago
If we don’t have money for a wall, then we don’t have money to spend on illegals. Deport them all now, then close the border. That doesn’t sound very logical , now does it? Neither does not funding the wall.

kellow43@gmail.com about 5 hours ago
You are stupid if you believe that the majority of Americans are against the Wall. We believe that walls work, and support Trump!!

Carl J Bujan about 2 hours ago
Pelosi has spent her entire career working for illegal aliens and ignoring American citizens. How can any American vote for her? My guess is they hate America as she does.

Richard 23 minutes ago
“PELOSI” = Psychopathic Egomaniacal Lying Obstructionist Socialist Idiot.

Columbusbabe about 2 hours ago
Good one!

Norman Caudle about 2 hours ago
Please send her “personal residence” address in California and her “actual” congressional office address in Washington DC for all of us to have. THAT WOULD BE THE MOST PRODUCTIVE. Can you imagine the disruption this can cause for the DC office mail room?? FED EX and UPS “has to deliver” so she could not sidetract them like they can when sent thru the USPS

Becky about 3 hours ago
And the DemonRats want to get Trump out of office on the 25th amendment. I think they are the ones with the mental problems and should be in rubber rooms!!

Kim about 3 hours ago
Too bad the bricks did not reflect the true feelings about Peloser and her resist & obstruct adolescent tactics. I know, she would sue each person for who spoke the truth, that’s just the witch she is. Nevertheless, I’m elated that she did receive enough bricks to prove she is purposely ignoring the will the “We The People”. More proof that her own personal agenda far outweighs that of those who “hired” her to fulfill her oath!

Dan Gibson about 5 hours ago
NANCE, you are fighting a losing battle … give it up an GET a GRIP ! The WALL goes up, with or without you, Girl ….It will be to the benefit of ALL Americans. What I hope for you it than the put your carcass on the SOUTH side of IT ! You are DISGUSTING …

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