The democrats are trolling the Make America Great Again hat.  They are so envious about the slogan  due to their mental sickness.  They want it to go down in history like the KKK slogans.  MAGA people are fighting for the Constitution and freedom.

If any Democrat complains about your MAGA hat – just tell them to take a long walk on a short pier and that will solve their problem.  I wear mine with pride.

The Democrats are still working with Obama to try to make this a Muslim country.  They do not follow the Constitution and call themselves Socialists (Marxists).

Remember the Supreme Court sanctioned Obama for not using the Constitution during his eight years and ran it like a thug.  We are still fighting Obama through  Mueller’s Russia investigation which is a hoax just like the Mollett claim made whereby he stated that  MAGA hat wearers assaulted him and were trying to lynch him with a rope.  How many times are they going to pull that same racist hoax?

The Democrats are hoaxing this country through Mueller and was exposed by McCabe’s  60 minutes interview.  It is time for the leaders to bring this hoax out into the open and quit being afraid that Obama  is a black man.  The buck starts with Obama being the worst racist in history.

We know who invented the KKK and slavery slogans –  the Democrats.  What is happening with the Democrats is that the blacks are wising up to their antics of keeping them on the reservation.   Therefore, the left is getting worried and that is the reason for the open borders.  The Democrats are losing some of their base so they are bringing in the uneducated people from south of the border with the intention of making them Democrats.  That is why they are against the border wall.

Stand up and be proud of our work to MAGA because the Democrats/Elites are the ones who continue trying to destroy it.

AGAIN, MAGA , and wear your hat with pride – every  day.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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