Justice Clarence Thomas threatens 9th Circuit in …


Jun 26, 2018 · Justice Clarence Thomas threatens 9th Circuit in concurring opinion for travel ban: “I am skeptical that district courts have the authority to en …

This issue should have been addressed in this case by the Court. District Courts interfering with the operation of the US Government for political purposes on the authority of a single, local US …


Will the 9th Circuit go after President Trump to stop him from building the wall and not protecting  the people  and stopping the flow of drugs into the U.S.?   We all know that the Democrats will try everything possible to keep the wall building from continuing.  Each president prior to President Trump has built miles of walls.  The Democrats want to keep the drugs coming into the country because of Obama’s deal with the cartels.

Isn’t it time for the Supreme  Court to slap down these District judges who are working in conjunction with the Democrats by MAKING LAW rather than using the Constitution and who are  interfering with the daily operation of the  government for political purposes.

How many times did a conservative judge interfere with Obama and his pen and phone in all of the crimes he committed?   A good example is DACA. – and how many of the following scandals were conducted with a pen and phone?


Test your knowledge:




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