How will we go forward with climate change?  Are we going to let a person who has been in the House a few weeks decide for the whole country to go full speed with electric cars, etc. and forego fossil fuels in ten years or we going to let the scientist community – with proof – to prove  the truth.

This young lady has bottomed out as a socialist/communist and it is a proven given that socialism DOES NOT WORK.  The world has been turned upside down because we are listening to people who have stretched their elastic bands in their brains to the point of ridicule.

What does this woman know about science?  Because she has a piece of paper with what she wants doesn’t mean it is the truth.  It is time for her to let her mind absorb some experience with discussions with scientists and then come back to the bargaining table.

Watching the ladies in white at the SOTU and what they stood for and what they were grinding their teeth  only told me that someone (Pelosi) was guiding them.  When these ladies in white were being told when to clap and when not to – told me a lot.  They sat there like a bunch of puppets waiting for Pelosi to pull their strings.  I don’t think the people who elected them – put them in that position for that reason – to be mindless.

Published on Apr 18, 2016

Climate change is an urgent topic of discussion among politicians, journalists and celebrities…but what do scientists say about climate change? Does the data validate those who say humans are causing the earth to catastrophically warm? Richard Lindzen, an MIT atmospheric physicist and one of the world’s leading climatologists, summarizes the science behind climate change.

Why would I believe a woman who blathers 24/7 about something she has only her own socialist/communist beliefs and has so much hate to share?

Now would you believe this blathering or would  you believe scientists?



February 7, 2019


Ari Natter

Under Nancy Pelosi tuteludge:

Support of stronger environmental laws has been an important part of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s agenda. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released a sweeping package of environmental measures Thursday that has pitted progressives in the House Democratic caucus against moderates over how far to go in pursuit of resetting the climate change debate.

The proposals, which have come to be known as the Green New Deal, were crafted in conjunction with Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts. Their plan envisions shifting away from fossil fuels and other sources of global warming causing emissions within 10 years.

“Even the solutions that we have considered big and bold are nowhere near the scale of the actual problem that climate change presents to us, our country, our world,” Ocasio-Cortez said on NPR’s Morning Edition, which posted a link to the resolution on its website. “No one has actually scoped out what that larger solution would entail. And so that’s really what we’re trying to accomplish with the Green New Deal.”

It has already prompted strong opposition from Republicans and industry leaders who say it’s technologically impossible and will costs tens of trillions of dollars.

Advocacy of stronger environmental laws has been an important part of the agenda of Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrat, and other progressives in the new Congress.

The legislation has been the subject of intense speculation and interest for weeks even as it has no chance of gaining support in the Republican-controlled Senate, let along being signed into law by President Donald Trump.

Earlier: Democrats Put GOP in Hot Seat With a Month of Climate Hearings

Still, the next steps remain important, as the reception among moderate Democrats and House leaders could act as a bellwether for its future in the 2020 elections, and beyond.

The plan, in the form of a non-binding resolution, weaves together what had been a hodgepodge of progressive proposals and aspirations into a single initiative. It sets a goal of shifting the nation to 100 percent “clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources,” within 10 years “to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions through a fair and just transition for all communities and workers.”

While the plan doesn’t explicitly call for a ban on fossil fuels, as some early backers had hoped, Ocasio-Cortez’s office has made it clear that the plan doesn’t leave a path forward for the fuel source, which a fact sheet on the plan said would make “new fossil fuel infrastructure or industries obsolete.”

The fact sheet also makes explicitly clear there is “no space” for nuclear power in the plan amid a goal of eventually achieving 100 percent renewable energy.

“This means that the Green New Deal will not include investing in new nuclear power plants and will transition away from nuclear to renewable power sources only,” according to the document, which also raised the prospect of decommissioning existing nuclear plants in favor of renewable energy sources.

Supporters say the resolution’s measures are needed to avert a coming climate catastrophe already being presaged by devastating storms, raging wildfires and intense heat waves.

Among its provisions:

A dramatic expansion of renewable energy, and energy and water efficiency upgrades for all existing U.S. buildings;

An overhaul of the country’s transportation system to eliminate pollution and emissions from the sector “as much as technologically feasible,” with a nod to investment in zero-emission vehicles, public transit, and high-speed rail;

Efforts to promote clean manufacturing free of pollution byproducts and greenhouse gas emissions “as much as technologically feasible”;

Steps to lessen the effects of climate change, build a smart grid, clean up hazardous waste sites and restore threatened lands.

A goal of health care and guaranteed jobs for all.


Health care – look what your Dem’s did to us and where we are today with Obamacare.  Do  you think the people are going to believe anything  you have to say?

A goal of Obamacare health care is a joke – we have no insurance just high deductibles.  President Trump is now taking care of jobs for all and the Obama Dem’s took away all of the jobs by taxing the companies so high they had to leave the country.  Also, the Dem’s were part of Obama’s plan to over throw the country.

What happened to 70-90 percent taxes on the rich?  Revise the tax system and eliminate the loop holes so that the rich do pay their fair share, i.e., require  them to take a paycheck if they own a business instead of skipping the paycheck to avoid being taxed at a high rate and living off dividends  which are taxed at a lower rate.


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