Here we go again, Mary Ann Marsh, a Hillary-crat, appearing on Fox News with Sandra Smith this morning, recanting stories of  the past with this familiar statement:  Don’t know why President Trump didn’t go forward with Obamacare and the wall when he had the Senate and the House?

This Gimmecrat loves to RUB IT IN that Ryan, Speaker of the House, was a RINO.

Marsh is a true lying Gimmecrat when she knows that Paul Ryan was the Speaker of the House at the time and was riding those same radio waves that Aldrich Ames/Robert Hanssen were.  Republicans considered Paul Ryan a RINO who worked against President Trump and will go down in history as the worst Speaker of the House, ever.

Ryan came into office poor as a church mouse and left office in grand style – a rich man by any poor folks standards.

These Gimmecrats continue riding that horse – why didn’t he accomplish this when he had the House and the Senate – thinking that no one knows the truth about Ryan that all along he was a Romney-light.

I’ m glad your gone –  you rascal you, oh yeah.  Ah ha – you just ain’t no good – no how.  He was the devil in disguise.  Heaven only knows how much he lied to the American people.

Seems the Gimmecrats/Ryan don’t like WALLS OR GATES.  The next test for Ryan will be Purgatory and the Pearly Gates.


From the looks of things from those in the know – they tell us that Heaven has gates and walls.



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