We must have a southern border wall to protect the people. This is what the Democrats gave us with their millions of dollar bill under Obama.


This is what President Trump is trying to install:


I prefer the concrete with electricity at the top.

The Democrats who have become the terrorists are working to de-stable our country with the influx and influence of foreigners as seen with the constant barrage of fake news about our President by the 24/7 fake media/Washington Post/The New York Times.

It is time for IG Horowitz to publish his report and bring all of this corruption by the dark government, i.e., Democrats/Obama/Hillary/Comey and the 24/7 fake news media/Washington Post/New York Times to the forefront. The Democrats are the terrorists in the U.S. as was exposed yesterday by Rep Dingle a Democrat from New York who is being assisted by Mayor DeBlasio and Governor Cuomo,who are communists, to change the mission of the Democrats from terror to start another investigation on President Trump.

President Trump is trying to bring our country out of this Obama Islam regime who brought in terror to our country under auspices of the Muslim Brotherhood – who are terrorists and turned the Democrats into a terrorist organization as we have witnessed for eight years under Obama, i.e. FBI under Comey/DOJ under Holder and then Lynch/Brennan/Clapper – and now the Democratic Party.

California and New York are sanctuary cities whereby they are breaking the law – and any other state who has instilled a sanctuary city in their state. We have to bring all states back under the Constitution and the laws that govern the U.S. Under Obama,where he went rogue, these states have to be punished. We must get a handle on this, now. The Convention of States must do its job.

Also, the reps who are sworn in by the Constitution and then sneak off into their cubby holes and use the Quran or some other book for their photo ops should be called out. If they do not have allegiance to the U.S. and have another agenda – it should be pointed out. This happened under the Obama administration and we must stop this and impeach these people.

The Democrats’ party have turned into a terrorists’ party.


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