KOMMONSENTSJANE – Leslie Marshall, A FAR LEFTIE, Says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Should be Praised, not Criticized. Pesky Truth

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Google erased my first reply on this:.

From my corner of the world, it looks like AOC has chronic diarrhea of the mouth and MSNBC/CNN have decided the fluids leaving her mouth are worth using and wiping down their surfaces in hopes the public will catch this disease.

Normally, when a newbie enters a strange work atmosphere (THE CONGRESS), the sensible thing is to: stop, watch, listen, learn, and then proceed with caution. Not AOC – she seems to childly/breathlessly and eyes on a stem have a wireless dictionary and with the tires squealing around each corner, we have to be cautioned – because at any moment there is going to be a “wreck on the highway.” So proceed with caution – because this is one big disease called “SOCIALISM,” and AOC HAS THE LAST STAGE OF THE DISEASE. THERE IS NO HOPE FOR HER AND NO CURE. We will have to wait for the obit.


Pesky Truth

aocIn an Op-ed in Fox News this morning, nationally syndicated liberal radio show host and Fox News contributor Leslie Marshall tries to tell us that we should praise, not criticize, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).  Here are her remarks.  The responses in blue italics are mine.  ~CW

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also now known as “AOC,” is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Normally, a person who is first at something is admired, revered, respected; but in the case of Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, it’s been quite the opposite.

By Ms. Marshall’s logic we should admire the youngest serial killer and the youngest known rapist.  They were, after all, “first at something.”  In reality, Ocasio-Cortez did what all socialists do and she bought votes with other people’s money, so I am not impressed, nor do I “admire, revere or respect” her or the tiny fraction of New Yorkers who put her in congress.

She’s been…

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