Video: Students Hate Trump’s Immigration Quotes

Except none of these quotes are from Donald Trump; they’re from Democrats.

Media Editors · Jan. 10, 2019

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips asked students on the campus of American University about several comments, and then he told them the quotes were from Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

Shock – shock – not really because they laughed about it.

What followed – laughter – which is an indication that young people do not understand the seriousness of how the Democrats are trying to tear apart the country. They will lose their freedom if this continues and if they don’t help squelch the professors, fake media, and the Democrats propaganda.

Students must stand up for freedom now – because it is their future whereby the Democrats are piling debt on their shoulders. Obama/Dem’s left them with a debt that is astronomical. Do they think that is funny?


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