Why do we continue to be involved in a religious war between Muslims?

As Christians and other non-Christians, it is not our fight. The government is spending our time and money because our politicians think they can solve the problem and they can’t. These politicians think they can gather up the world and put everyone in their place and call it One World Order and Wealth Distribution.

In other words – the Democrats are tearing up our country and want to take the U.S.’ money and dole it as they see fit. Well, I see it differently – I made the money with hard work and I can’t see giving it to two Jews, Schumer/Pelosi, who hate the Constitution and its laws, to stick some in their pockets and give a few dollars to other countries and put us out to pasture and live like peons.

Now, we have the Democrats wanting to make this a socialist country and want to tax us 70%. That was Hillary’s plan, too – which is un-American.

Sorry, Schumer/Pelosi – that is where we part the waves, where we Americans will fight you tooth and nail.

We have had enough of all of you lying bitches and little bitches:

A woman gets called a bitch when she is aggressive, mean, catty, or generally unpleasant.

A man gets called a bitch when he is behaving like a misogynist’s version of a woman: cowardly or whiny. Men are often called “little bitches,” as in “Don’t be a little bitch!”

It is costing the U.S. trillions of dollars and our young people’s lives and limbs for what? What is our purpose? Enough is enough – IT IS NOT OUR FIGHT.

Even the Muslims don’t know whose fight it is since they can’t decide what is the religion and have a faceless God.

Time to bring the soldiers home and build up our own country instead of letting these lefties tear it up. It is time for these lefties to get their justice.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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