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For your information.

In order to save our country from the cover-up by the Democrats/FBI/DOJ:

Much water will flow under the bridge between now and then, so it is imperative that each of us invest ourselves in the Fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom.


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I would hope that every American patriot would say, Amen, (so be it). One of the things that give me cause for hope is the Trump nominee for Attorney General and the federal judge that has stated there needs to be a reopening the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The latter has to come as a severe blow to the Clinton camp and the Democrats. Of course, we will hear that this is nothing more than a partisan activist judge making this ruling. That is in contrast with the silence of the left when Obama judges rule against President Trump. In those cases, the Democrats and MSM insist the judge is just following the rule of law and the constitution. Interesting how that works, isn’t it?

U.S. District Judge, Royce Lambert said that the spirit of the Freedom of Information Act required such action. He said that despite the government’s claimed…

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