James Comey had a closed-door hearing with Congress this past Friday and what was revealed there is shocking, or rather, what was inferred was shocking. The man himself was very quiet and seems to be suffering from early onset dementia, he couldn’t recall anything… Maybe his book holds more answers? The novel is 312 pages long.

While he didn’t have much to “Remember” his testimony was telling, the things he couldn’t “Remember” were the keys to what was important and the few things he did “Remember” were telling because this means that there is documentation of them and if he “Didn’t Remember” he might be in some trouble with the law. All this said, here are the takeaways you need to know about:

1.) Comey ‘Forgot’ About Crossfire Hurricane


Comey claimed ignorance of Crossfire Hurricane, the suspected operation that involved investigating the Trump Campaign well before the Christopher Steele dossier about Hookers in Russia. This is a big deal because it means one of three possibilities. 1, that Comey did know all about the operation and kept his names off of official FBI documents that are related to the matter. 2, Comey used a false name or a code name on documents, some conspiracy theorists suggest this, and their theory has traveled far across the web. 3, Comey is being honest and really had no knowledge about this and his underlings were simply rampant with a sort of do what you want mentality. This last one has little probability, however, someone needed to sign the FISA warrants and pass them off to officials.

2.) Comey Denies Steels Dossier Starting the Russia Probe


Comey claims that the Russia probe was not started by the infamous Christopher Steele Dossier, this supports the theories revolving around operation Crossfire Hurricane, but this then opens the question of what started it all then? It is likely that this is a falsehood and the Dossier was used to start the probe, this is likely because it matches up with the timeline and is logically sound.

Let us say for a moment thought that this is true and he is not telling a lie, we must assume that there is another piece of information that Comey is withholding that justified the investigation. Was this information their hatred for Trump? Was it their love of Hillary Clinton? It is all hard to say but Comey also stated in this same line of questioning that the only knew what the was told.

3.) Comey Confirmed that FISA Warrant System Was Abused


Comey told the Congressional Committee that the Steele dossier was used for the for FISA but he claimed in his defense that he was only going by what his underlings told him and that the FISA judge was only looking for Steele’s name because he was a credible source in the past. This is one of the bigger things to come out of this testimony, this scandalous and non-credible document is officially in government records and was used to violate the rights of Americans. Comey’s claim that he did not know anything is total crap at worst and at best really reveals his incompetence as the head of the FBI, if the later is true except many real criminals to use this as part of an appeal in court.

4.) Typical Liberal Tirade


The idiocy of liberals on trial or on the news is exposed when they grandstand on a political point, Comey could not be any different. Comey took time out of his trial to talk Trump… you can guess what he had to say. Comey condemned Trump and claimed that he has destroyed the reputation of the DOJ and the FBI with his tweets and his speeches, he goes on to say this has weakened our national security to an unrepairable level. This is nonsense and we don’t need to tell you this, it is true though that the FBI and DOJ have lost almost all credibility but this is not because of Trump and his tweets, it is because of people like James Comey that are political operators not servants of the American people.

5.) Obstruction of Justice


There may just be an Obstruction of Justice case in the dark corners of the government that we don’t know about. Comey told the committee that the comments Trump made about Michal Flynn were enough to justify an obstruction of justice case against the president. This paired with the information that Comey met with several members of the DOJ and FBI about these words might be the giveaway that an investigation is waiting to be launched. This is a scary thought and if this proves true we need to be ready because although It might not go anywhere it will slow down the Trump Train and we don’t need this.

6.) Rouge Agents in the Driver Seat

rosenstein -6

If this hearing proves anything it is that rogue agents with political agendas control the FBI and Comey was no more than an enabler, a rubber stamp machine. This is ridiculous and deeply problematic, this means that there might still be these agents at the FBI. There is no way Peter Strzok and Lisa Page acted alone in this atrocity of an operation. We need a thorough purge of the FBI that targets bad actors and political activists, we need a reliable investigation Bureau not some political chop shop designed to help people win elections.

Read more at http://trumptrainnews.com/articles/6-takeaways-from-comey-s-closed-door-hearing#qQ2Csu8l7S15fuLw.99

This is why Comey was fired:



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