The Paul Ryan turkeys in flight. The Democrats weren’t the only ones who were mad because President Trump won the election. The Never Trumper’s and the Elitists Republicans were in on the fight against him and that was the “pigeon hole” that Turkey Ryan was in. History will show that Ryan was the Benedict Arnold of this part of history.


The rag heads in the news media are saying that the President and his party – all Republicans, can’t get the border wall money in the latest budget because they can’t get enough votes. Why is that – because the ones who are voting against any part of the President’s agenda are RINO Benedict Arnold’s.

These same rag head media never state – the people, like the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the altar boy, and others have worked against the President as Elitist geared with the One World Order – with pockets full of pay off cash to work against the President since the President was elected. Corker was another one who was involved with Obama in the Russian dossier.

Our vetting process in the 2020 election needs to weed out these cowards who hide behind the cloak of a RINO and work against the American people who elected the President.

It is my hope that all of these RINO’s go back to their home states and hope the people of those states remind them of what a poor job they did with no adulation.

So, when you hear the rag head media say the President had a Republican Congress and Senate and did not fulfill the President’s agenda and the will of the people – you’re reply should be – the reason it was not fulfilled because we had too many BENEDICT ARNOLD’S in the Republican Party who were really democrats and enemies of the people.

Plain and simple!


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