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True Daily

Obama’s Campaign Finance Violations That Liberals Ignore

True Daily Staff  December 14, 2018 

Trump is being accused of campaign finance violations, but Obama’s are far worse. Matt Margolis of PJ Media opines:

In my last column, I discussed how Donald Trump is being erroneously accused of illegal campaign finance violations and pointed to examples of how Barack Obama is guilty of worse violations of campaign finance laws.

Yet there were no calls for Obama’s impeachment, nor was there any media speculation about jail time. Well, apparently there’s a new twist in the game of “Let’s See What We Can Nail Trump For That’s Wasn’t A Crime When Obama Did It.”

This week it was reported that“federal prosecutors in New York are investigating whether President Trump’s inaugural committee misused some of the record-breaking $107 million it raised and whether deep-pocketed donors were offered access to the incoming administration in exchange for cash.”

“The nascent criminal probe, which was recently launched by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan, is based in part on records seized during FBI raids at the office and homes of Trump’s former personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen, people familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal.”

Boy, that sounds serious, doesn’t it? Except, it really isn’t. Big donors expecting access in exchange for big donations is politics.

It’s been going on long before Trump came to town… and guess what, liberals? Obama did it too. It’s not me just making stuff up, The Washington Post reported on this just before Obama’s second inauguration.

“The voters have spoken, but even after a $2 billion presidential campaign, the quest for dollars in Washington continues. This weekend, the high rollers are paying for inauguration parties that are almost always busts, a ceremony that’s better seen on TV and access that’s not exactly priceless but pretty darn expensive.”

The sad reality is that politics in Washington are corrupt. A law unequally enforced is no just law at all.


Why was Obama able to get by with all of this corruption in the Democratic Party – because he was the perfect person for manipulation by liberals and he is black?

It is time to ring in the New Year and call out the crimes the Obama Democratic Party has committed against our country and lock up Mueller, et al, for this Russian facade.


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