KOMMONSENTSJANE – Senator Durbin (D-IL) Claims Republican Voter Suppression, But It’s Actually Democrat Vote Nullification, As Dems Possibly Looking To Pelosi To Overturn NC Voters. Evans News Report

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These Democrat roosters keep crowing at night thinking its dawn about voter suppression. As long as it is in the Democrat’s favor (harvesting votes is a new found thing for them) – they think it is honky dory; but, when the shoe doesn’t fit – they start this “voter suppression” theory which isn’t Einstein’s way of thinking. The Democrat’s question – who in the hell is “Einstein?”

What a bunch of dumb clucks!


Evans News Report

By: Brian Evans

Earlier this week, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) blasted efforts from Republicans in various states to crack down on voter fraud, accusing GOP lawmakers of widespread voter suppression. He pointed to the Florida election, and called for a fair count of the vote, and claimed that the GOP was trying to stifle voter turnout, because they are demanding that only legal votes count, and for voter identification. Senator Durbin said..

“We also want to put an end to this voter suppression,” Durbin said Wednesday. “For goodness’ sake, why does the Republican Party think its fate is tied to reducing the number of people who show up to vote? A democracy, if it works, has more and more participation,” he continued. It makes it easier for voters to come forward. Yet the Republicans have found ways time and again to impose ID cards, limit the early vote, try to…

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