A recently elected female congresswoman [Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.)] is facing backlash for mocking Vice President Mike Pence on Twitter.

Omar is one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress. This is not the first time her tweets have drawn controversy.

Omar captioned the photo with the phrase, “Jesus take the wheel,” which originated from a popular country song from Carrie Underwood.

Just to let this young woman know – HE DID IN THE 2016 ELECTION. The American people recognized what illegal leader Obama was doing to try to whip this country into a tizzy by trying to fill all of the chairs in the government with Muslims but was thwarted.

This young lady has to realize Jesus was on earth before her person who was undoubtedly a “non-entity” since she doesn’t even know what he looks like. Why not? Did they copy the commandments into a version to enslave their followers?

This woman doesn’t believe in freedom of religion – where all religions can be a part of the “wheel.” Can she prove that her person is real? Not anymore than anyone else. She is vying for attention since the Ocasio Cortez newbie is whipping it up in the same corner. She certainly can’t entertain D.C. by “just walking in as a newbie – baggage is the name of the game.”



This argument is no different than Omar saying – my boobs are different than yours – Is it cause they are all under cover? Results – prove it. Even after uncovering – what difference does it make to anyone? Omar is whipping a dead horse.

Omar believes one way (AND WHO CARES HOW SHE BELIEVES) and the rest of the world have their own way of believing. It is believing that counts.

Omar hasn’t assimilated into the values of the U.S. It is called; FAITH – HOPE – AND CHARITY.

Again, Omar has to stop beating that dead horse. She is not in the Middle East.


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