House Dem’s Reveal Their First Target (Themselves for treason in the Russia/Russia Mueller probe?)

Source: TTN
by: TTN Staff

By Mike D

House Democrats have revealed their first target when they take power in January. The Dems will go after Trump’s tax returns through legislation.

According to Fox News:

House Democrats’ first order of business in the new Congress will be targeting President Trump’s tax returns, setting the confrontational tone of the lower chamber.

The first bill, called House Resolution 1 (H.R. 1), indicates the Democrats’ inclination to resist Trump not only in House committees, where a number of investigations will be launched in January, but also by introducing legislation that directly involves the president.

Trump has continuously stated that he will not release his tax returns while they are being audited by the IRS.


Since the Democrats haven’t done anything during eight years of Obama and now 2.5 years of Prez Trump – why doesn’t the Prez just shut down the government since they are not working and keep a skelton crew on to take care of the money business until 2020 and then we can vote people into office that want to MAGA.

Then Mueller, Dem’s, Obama, Hillary, and the FBI/DOJ can be put on trial for treason. By then it will be 2020.

Read more at http://trumptrainnews.com/articles/house-dems-reveal-their-first-target#kVEIZOpmY37WI.99


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