KOMMONSENTSJANE – Fascist Foreigner- Billionaire, Communist George Soros Corrupting Federal Elections.

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The major financer, and director  of today’s Democrat Party’s  fascistic, feminist, black racist, illegal immigrant antiAmerican voting bloc  is former Nazi, life-time Communist American immigrant, major  Hillary-Obama’s Democrat Party funder of anything antiAmerican, is billionaire,  George Soros, originally from fascist Hungary.

Of the many enterprises he plays with is the manufacturing of America’s VOTING MACHINES.

George Soros is the money bag that began the ultra-antiAmerican, fascistic Democrat smear machine, Media Matters.  He funds nearly  anything fascist.  No human animal has been more influential in destroying the once honorable American Democratic Party than Communist immigrant, George Soros.

One of my graduate degree pursuits many years ago was in  Soviet Studies, the other being Horticulture.   Fascism then was Soviet Russian, and Mao’s Communist China…..political murderers of more than 100,000,000 people.   One came to know countless academic and correspondent fascistic communists back then, menacing in the weeds in those days.


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