SHOCK REPORT: Google’s Conservative Suppression Exposed

2018-11-30 Source: TTN by: TTN Staff

By brionv (originally posted to Flickr as Google Food)

New documents reveal that Google seriously considered suppressing conservative news sites in search results. This suppression would have been in order to hurt President Trump’s chances at reelection in 2020.

According to The Daily Wire:

It’s no secret that Big Tech swings to the Left and that many in the industry were devastated that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. But at Google, some engineers debated whether the company should suppress conservative news websites — The Daily Caller and Breitbart were specifically mentioned — to keep President Donald Trump from winning in 2020, according to internal documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF).

“This was an election of false equivalencies, and Google, sadly, had a hand in it,” engineer Scott Byer wrote on Nov. 9, 2016, according to the documents.

“How many times did you see the Election now card with items from opinion blogs (Breitbart, Daily Caller) elevated next to legitimate news organizations? That’s something that can and should be fixed,” he also wrote.

Further, Byer suggested Google had “a responsibility to expose the quality and truthfulness of sources – because not doing so hides real information under loud noises,” and suggested “teaching critical thinking” before writing that the company makes sure “we reverse things in four years – demographics will be on our side.”
Some employees pushed back against the plan stating that they thought it could backfire and lead to new conspiracy theories. These leaks follow the release of a video where the company discussed how they thought free speech had gone too far.

Read more at http://trumptrainnews.com/articles/shock-report-google-s-conservative-suppression-exposed#5sqUd3k1FTOPrikO.99

So the rest is up to Congress. The Tech companies have too many foreigners working for them and are participating in this. They need to rotate these people out of the country and hire Americans. In Mexico a foreigner cannot take a job until there are no Mexicans who are qualified to take the job. It is time to put this in action.


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