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What is the real reason that Europe is supporting Islam and not all religions? Because Europeans left God – God didn’t leave them as you can see.

From the proof in Belgium, the people brought in from the Middle East’s IQ was tested and only a few passed. Is that why Europe is backing Islam because they need slaves?

Under Obama’s dictatorship – our country was heading that way. Remember – we couldn’t say Merry Christmas, couldn’t have manger scenes, schools couldn’t recite the Pledge (and muslims had prayer rooms at school and at the airports), and the Bible was removed from the Military.

And this was one man (Obama) and not one person in all three branches of government stood up to him to save the Constitution and the rule of law – that is what is so astonishing – just think – not one elected official – what cowards. And the fact Obama/democrats cheated the second time to get elected was my assumption with gumption.

Prez Trump stopped all of this Obama mania (Czars) and we are still infiltrated in the government/Military who are still causing trouble. Remember Obama purged all of the conservative Generals in the Military who didn’t back him?

If Hillary would have been elected – it would have only continued since she had that “bug in her bonnet.”


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This Sunday Morning, before I share my thoughts, I would to share the following op ed which I read on ChristianPost.com, written by John Stonestreet and G. Shane Morris. I found it to be very interesting.

We think of Europe as secular, progressive, and confidently post-religious. But try criticizing Islam.

Should governments be in the business of protecting people’s feelings? Most Americans, I think would say no. The European Court of Human Rights, however, thinks otherwise. In a historic move last month, the international court affirmed a conviction by a lower court in Vienna against a right-wing speaker who criticized the prophet Muhammad.

Identified only as “E.S.,” the woman, at a seminar in Vienna in 2009, described the founder of Islam as a “pedophile.” According to Islamic tradition, Muhammad was in his fifties when he married his third wife, Aisha, who was six years old at the time. Tradition also says…

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