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Yes, this will continue as long as the conservatives don’t come together and continue to allow it. We voted the Prez into office and no man should have to go thru what he has gone thru, especially when he is giving his monthly pay to charity – who else among the left would do this?

This situation by the lefties is no different than slavery in that the left is trying to remove a duly-elected Prez in order to maintain power over other humans.

To maintain this power – these lefties are trying to keep the masses under control by manipulating them each day with the constant battering of 24/7 fake news and Chuck Todd is one of them and the Mueller investigation which is not lawful; but, yet, the Mueller investigation continues to dig up Obama/Hillary dirt and does nothing to go forward, and the country is not rising up and is allowing this slavery over the entire country.

Why is it that the people (Ryan, McConnell, and others) have allowed this to happen. They are not patriots since they have allowed our country to be enslaved with a rogue party called Democrats backed by Soros. I hold my head in shame.


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From day one, when Trump moved into the White House after being elected by The People, the liberal left and mainstream media jumped in the same bandwagon to remove Trump from office.   Their agenda isn’t wait to remove him through the 2020 election process, but to smear and trump up anything and all they can with scandals, constitutional violations (as only they can interpret) and a list of false accusation after accusation.  If your candidate doesn’t make it, then we’ll remove the one that did, despite the American people; we the peons of this nation.

Are we to put every elected president through this scrutiny and shameful continuous attacks?  Lets not allow him or her to be presidential, but only spend time in defense of oneself.   We know, this will never happen with a Democratic president, it didn’t with Obama………when it easily could.   Not even a scum bucket like Bill…

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