KOMMONSENTSJANE – WHERE IS THE CONSTITUTION/LAW AND ORDER IN THIS PICTURE? JUDGE TIGAR MAKING A MOCKERY OF THE CONSTITUTION. Why Bother Being President If You’re Not Allowed To Run the Country and Protect its Citizens? Since Trump can’t order armed military to US border, who can?-Shanahan…(If the military can refuse Trump, then the US has had a military coup)

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When is the special investigator Horowitz going to start calling out the Democrats/Obama/Hillary Clinton for trying to takeover this country and stop this invasion of our country. He has the evidence.

It looks like we’ve Got A Judge Tigar By The Tail, it’s plain to see.

The Supreme Court sanctioned Obama for not following the Constitution while this Judge stood by and allowed it.

We support President Trump not this socialist Obama Judge.

This Obama Judge Tigar is making law. Look how many times Obama broke the law and not one of these judges stood up to him – but allowed it. This army of men at the border is called an invasion not people who want asylum.

It is time for Horowitz to do his job.


Impeach Obama, McCain and Boehner Today

Since Pres. Trump is able to order heavy weaponry and armed troops to hundreds of places around the worldbut isn’t allowed to order US troops to defend the US border, please tell us the name of the person who can order armed defense of the US border including heavy weapons. If it isn’t one person, if it’s a group or committee, please identify the committee.

11/21/18, “Why Bother Being President If You’re Not Allowed To Run the Country and Protect its Citizens?” Investment Watch Blog, Bob Shanahan

“The caravan is here. The invasion has begun. Unfortunately, the judicial branch continues to hamper President Trump’s duty to defend the citizens of the United States.

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