KOMMONSENTSJANE – A Week of Gratitude 2018: Trump v ISIS. By: The Western Front

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History will prove that our own government during Obama’s administration was working against the American people and using our taxpayer/Treasury funds to sponsor ISIS.

All of the bombings in America in my eyes were sponsored by Obama to scare the people and to think that would be our way of life with Obama. He stated this fact. Our government under Obama was infiltrated with Muslims czars. Our military was reduced to rubble by Obama and removed God in the American way of life. Islam was showing up in all places in America under Obama.

As we all know, if it wasn’t for the election of Prez Trump – we would be, under Hillary Clinton, a socialist nation. And why, we are now going through the Mueller/Obama/Hillary investigation as a continuation of their dark government with holdovers of Obama’s evil government.

We must continue the struggle – because the Democrats are full-fledged socialists and want our country and its funds for One World Order and wealth distribution and to remove our second amendment – because they know they cannot take over unless they take away our guns.


The Western Front

All too often around the world, and here, we only hear about how bleak things are getting.  And that’s very important; we cannot sugarcoat the problem.  We’ve been doing that as a nation for decades now and the problems herein have festered.  But all negativity all the time can have detrimental effects.  In this week leading up to Thanksgiving we should also reflect on the things we are thankful for and the good that IS being done.  Today we reflect on President Trump’s handling of ISIS.

Remember ISIS?  You can almost make that joke now.  It wasn’t that long ago that terrorist attacks claimed by ISIS happened in the United States, France, and Germany on a monthly if not weekly basis.  The situation seemed bleak, almost inevitable.  Like we needed to accept it and couldn’t do anything about it.  “Part and parcel” of living in this new globalized world, perhaps. …

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