Breaking News From The Tea Party

BREAKING NEWS! Goodbye 2020: Clinton Ordered By Federal Judge To Submit To Questioning.

Don’t be so sure. This woman is like jello – when in doubt – she uses the jello LIE.

(Hillary quote: In the Benghazi hearing – WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE – IF FOUR MEN ARE KILLED. These are just a few good men who got in her way to accomplish her mission. )



This is it – THE smoking gun that can will finally expose what Obama did once and for all.

It’s now been confirmed that the Obama administration DID INDEED wiretap Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign – right in Trump Tower itself!

This PROVES that we have been lied to by Obama Staffers, FBI holdovers, the Justice Department, National Intelligence, and not least of all – the FAKE NEWS mainstream media!

We need to know – who should be locked up for what is now one of the biggest scandals in American Political History?

President Donald Trump has been REPEATEDLY vilified for telling the truth about this matter – that Obama specifically wiretapped him during the election.

Remember these quotes?

“If Trump were a gentleman, he’d apologize to Obama for wiretapping claim…” – Joe Biden

“Trump should apologize to Obama, stop outlandish tweets on wire taps…” – Sen. Chuck Schumer

“Deflector-in-Chief owes Obama an apology…” – Nancy Pelosi


You and I BOTH know that the mainstream media, Establishment Democrats, and RINOs in the Swamp would NEVER apologize to President Trump for ANYTHING – even after he’s been vindicated and proven to be RIGHT!

Now it’s time to hold those who spied on Trump’s Campaign accountable.

We need to strike while the iron is still hot – are you with us?

We need to know – who should be locked up for what is now one of the biggest scandals in American Political History?

(Start at the top with Obama and then go where the evidence takes you – even if it is the whole party because they ere all part of the problem.)

It’s critical right now that we FIGHT BACK against every single fake news outlet that vilified President Trump and tried to hijack the narrative.

Join with us in making an urgent move to drain the swamp and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

(We did our part – we voted and we elected you – it is now time for all of you politicians to do your job. For once, DO YOUR JOB AND STAND UP FOR AMERICA AND PUT THESE TRAITORS IN JAIL.)

(We don’t vote as to who goes to jail – you take the evidence, indict the person and then have a trial.)


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