Now that the election is over, the rat has retreated to his hole with no victory in the candidates he was munching on.

Now that former AG Sessions has been fired from the scene maybe the people can build a better mouse trap to catch this rat called Obama because he is guilty as sin and the people will remember in 2020 who would not bring this rat to justice with the crimes he has committed – if they didn’t get fired on November 6, 2018.

The Republican congressmen/women who RETIRED and ran like scared rabbits with their pockets full did nothing to keep Obama from bringing our country to its knees and we will always remember who they were.

Now that AG Sessions is gone, the President needs a TOUGH AG – not another mealy-mouth lawyer – and that person is Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is qualified and that is what the Democrats are worried about. At least, give him a chance. We don’t care what the Democrats want – we just want justice.

This short clip of Obama has it all:

– Mocks Ebola outbreak that killed thousands
– Mocks press for caring about Hillary’s e-mails.
– Mocks Trump for cell phone use
– Says “a bunch of poor refugees” not a threat
– Says Trump moving troops to border is “a political stunt”

Don’t forget – Obama is not an American patriot – he is a traitor and assisting Farrakhan with his supporters who are trying to uproot this country:

Don’t forget the following:

and this:




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