Come Tuesday, November 6, 2018, it will be MORNING IN AMERICA, and, hopefully, all freedom-loving people will have voted early or will put the pedal to the metal and burn up that road going to the polls.


Will we have this kind of morning in America:

Or this:

Former Prez Obama/Farrakhan are Wile E. Coyote and are politicking against the American people. Obama and other leaders in the world have turned our world upside down by preaching Islam. They are trying to turn America into Africa and ruin our country just like when Obama spoke with his forked tongue in Africa. This is how Obama really is: Americans need to stand up to these two jack thugs:

– The Democrats started and did not want to release the slaves and used them only at election time.
– The Democrats started and were members of the KKK and have followed that with the black panthers.
– The Democrats are the ones who always use the race card when they get in a tight squeeze.
– The Democrats abused/hated the Military and was sanctioned by the Supreme Court for not following the Constitution and certainly don’t believe in a greater power (God) – other than themselves.

What has become of blacks in America under the thumb of liberalism is a travesty beyond calculation. Because unlike the slave masters of centuries ago, who shackled bodies that could thrive after the shackles were removed, liberalism shackles the mind and the soul, which is a lot more difficult to reclaim. And for that reason, I loathe liberalism and all of its companion ideologies. I am also averse to acceptance of anything that adherents to liberalism may have to offer. That includes Barack Obama.

Our country’s future is at stake.

The left is trying to inject socialism into our baseball and apply pie. The left are not American patriots, i.e., Farrakhan and Obama. As the young man spoke at one of Obama’s rally, YOU SHOULD BE IN JAIL (and why isn’t Obama in jail?).

Obama/Farrakhan are a disease injected into our system by the Globalists and have corrupted our system of government. We must vote for the Republicans – it is life or death for our country. You might not like some of the candidates – just hold your nose and push that Republican button. We can corral those few who you don’t like – but, if the democrats win the House or Senate, our President’s plans to MAGA will not be in our future but in the rear view mirror.

We know the Democrat black caucus and, especially, Maxine Waters, are working with Obama/Farrakhan to destroy this country’s values as they did when Obama was in power. Do you want more of this:


Do you want more of this unbridled corruption which doubled our budget and harassed conservatives and to think the most corrupt person would be in charge of the banking committee, Maxine Waters, who has stated if they win – it will be payback time?

Dear Lord – please help us through this nightmare.


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