Does this look like Democrats are in the wood pile? The plot thickens.

PLOT TWIST: ‘Mail Bomb’ Suspect Cesar Sayoc and Stormy Daniels Worked at the Same Strip Club

Suspected ‘mail bomber’ Cesar Sayoc worked as a DJ at Ultra Gentleman’s Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, the same strip club porn-star-turned-Trump-nemesis Stormy Daniels performed at in April.

WPTV reported:
Mail bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc worked as a DJ at Ultra Gentleman’s Club in West Palm Beach, Fla., the same strip club where Trump accuser Stormy Daniels performed in April.

WPTV spoke to Ultra manager Stacey Saccal who confirmed that Sayoc worked as a DJ Thursday afternoon, the day before he was arrested in Plantation. She said Sayoc had worked there for two months as a DJ and doorman.

Saccal said there had been no complaints about Sayoc from other employees prior to his arrest Friday.

According to the club’s manager, Stacey Saccal, Cesar Sayoc never spoke about politics and everyone who worked at the club was “shocked and in disbelief” when they heard about Sayoc’s arrest.

Saccal said she never knew Trump decals or political stickers were plastered on Sayoc’s white van; she said it looked like an ice cream truck.

“I never knew that his van was covered in political stickers. I thought it was an ice cream truck,” Saccal said, noting that he parked far from the club.

After Cesar Sayoc was arrested for allegedly sending out a string of cartoon-like ‘mail bombs,’ (zero detonations) authorities impounded his white van dubbed a ‘Trump mobile’ by many in the media because the windows were covered with pictures of President Trump.

The windows on Sayoc’s van were also covered with anti-CNN, anti-Democrat pictures.

On Monday, Sayoc’s lawyer said the evidence against his client is thin.
Is this just a coincidence? Or something more?


It was reported that Sayoc was cash-strapped. So who paid for all of those ads on his van? That is a lot of money and they were so professional looking – not something that an average Joe would plaster on his car/van. Time will tell.


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