In 2008, I was an early supporter of then-Senator Obama’s campaign. I worked my heart out to elect him president. Now as I look at 2016 and think about who is best to lead this country forward, I’m proud to announce that I am Ready for Hillary.

Senator Clare McCaskell is jumping ship again.

Claire McCaskill Said Hillary Clinton Was ‘Phony’ During 2000 Interview.
McCaskill was critic of dishonest way Clinton handled husband’s sex scandals

BY: Brent Scher
September 4, 2018 5:00 am

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) lambasted Hillary Clinton as a “phony” during an April 2000 interview with the State Historical Society of Missouri that touched on McCaskill’s critical view of how the former first lady handled Bill Clinton’s infidelity.

McCaskill, then in her second year as Missouri’s state auditor, was interviewed at length as part of the historical society’s Politics in Missouri Oral History Project.

McCaskill brought up the topic of Clinton’s handling of former President Bill Clinton’s affair on her own accord after she was asked how she dealt with her own husband’s arrest on a casino boat for marijuana possession.

McCaskill said she was told to give a statement supporting her husband but instead decided to say exactly how she felt and thought Clinton should have handled her husband’s affair with intern Monica Lewinsky the same way.
“That’s when Bill Clinton was going through all this, I kept saying, ‘Why doesn’t [Hillary Clinton] really say what she thinks,'” McCaskill said, according to the interview transcript. “That’s what was so phony about it.”

Now, she is jumping ship again:

Speaking exclusively to Fox News on Monday, vulnerable incumbent Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill dropped the names of two high-profile colleagues, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, when asked to identify the “crazy Democrats” from whom her campaign has distanced itself in recent days. McCaskill said she wouldn’t call the two “crazy,” but noted they had disagreements with each other.

And now supports Prez Trump’s stance on immigration to get re-elected.

The Missouri senator also sounded some full-throated support for the president’s tough talk on the incoming migrant caravan from Central America, as well as the administration’s crackdown on what it’s called endemic fraudulent asylum claims.

In the end the story is that McCaskill will do anything to get elected.


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