Google interfered with the blog – for what reason? A lot of fruit cakes lurking in the cracks of this computer.

It is called security:

When visiting Russia and arriving on a tour bus, our bus was stopped at four different entrance points with a guard boarding the bus with a machine gun and checking each person’s passport (papers). At the last stop, we exited the bus and were individually interviewed as to the purpose of our visit and the amount of money (form) which we were bringing into the country was reviewed.

During our daily trips a government official was with our tour guide.

Time spent in Russia was very interesting – especially, the museums and the subway entrances which were beautiful with different motifs at each stop. Graffiti was non-existent. Bottled water was very important and we were asked not to drink their water since your body can’t handle their type of bacteria. It was the color of light tan.

The saddest part was in the early morning hours – people in their 80’s were sweeping the streets with their straw make-shift brooms. Driving through the countryside, the farms had make-shift stores selling vegetables and lots of crystal wares.

An example as to how closely you are watched, my husband picked up a rock which was a piece of marble on the side walk in Red Square at the front of the entrance to viewing Lenin’s tomb/Lenin’s Mausoleum/body laying in the casket. (Later the people voted to bury him because of the embalming expense.) Upon entering the guard asked to see what was in his pocket. The guard looked at the rock, gave it back to him, shook his head, and let us proceed.

Other than that – the visit was enjoyable. The people were very helpful and friendly; but, the people/visitors are watched very closely. Lots of people always lurking in the lobby of the hotel and any where else – just watching and listening.

The end story is – you just don’t enter Russia – willy-nilly. It is harder to get out of the U.S. into Mexico than getting into the U.S. southern border. Why – because the Democrat socialists/elitists are trying to destabilize our country.


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