KOMMONSENTSJANE – What should we do as the “Caravan” of illegal immigrants prepares to storm our southern border (with the United Nations assisting them)? By: Mr. Erickson Rules!

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Like your idea of setting up colony islands and give them a choice to go back home or to the colony island.Seems like Australia did something similar to this with one group trying to get into their country.

Don’t forget we found out the 45 United Nations started helping them in Mexico and are now travelling with the army assisting them to get to the border.

Latest word is that Trump is working with Mexico/U.N. to handle this army of people.


Mr. Erickson Rules!

A horde of migrants, at any given time, estimated to be anywhere from 5,000 to over 10,000 in number, continues their journey north to the United States, through Mexico, from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

My first question is: How does something like this get organized in the first place?

CNN reporters indicated they have talked to the apparent organizer, a person named Dennis Omar Contreras.

The first thing Mexico should do is arrest this individual, or allow us to.

My next questions would be: Who is this individual, who is he tied to and how is he being funded?

I would not be surprised at all if the words “democrats” and/or “George Soros” popped up in that conversation.

CNN’s Maegan Vasquez (a proud member of the “biased fake news media,” obviously) claims that, “Trump’s making the migrant caravan a political issue.”

With all due respect Ms. Vasquez, and I…

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