Excerpts from Liberty Beacon:

Trump is the bogeyman of the liberal leftist. He advocates policies that promote the Middle Class, yet it is precisely middle-class progressivist ideology which opposes him. There are several reasons for this: Middle-class progressivists are what Lenin referred to as the vacillating class. They want to be seen as supporting the worker but always get into bed with the capitalists. If they support any worker’s cause at all, they always make sure it’s financed by some philanthropic sugar-daddy oligarch.

Middle-class progressivism is simply degenerate vanity – all form and no content. The election of Trump has enabled the exposure of middle-class leftism to much-deserved ridicule. Middle-class leftism has become the burlesque of our era. Activists recently interviewed Bernie Sanders supporters and asked them if they agreed with his policy of exempting families who earn under $50,000 per annum from tax. They all agreed but were shocked to find out that the policy had been proposed by Trump! If you asked a middle-class leftist whether they would support a policy banning cars and forcing everyone to use public transport to ‘stop global warming’, they would probably agree, until you tell them that such policies would make our capitals like Pyongyang!

Leftwing and right-wing populism
So, how should we understand this new phenomenon of elected leaders with popular support but overwhelmed by government intrigue and the hostility and treachery of their rank and file? What it shows is that the global power dynamic has changed. Oligarchs may have financial power, enough to brainwash entire populations through the mass media, but they are losing political power as the mass discontent votes for the ‘far right’ or ‘alt-right’.

A wise man does not waste time explaining such things to a liberal for the liberal only sees the surface of things: North Korea doesn’t have RocknRoll, Hollywood and LGBT parades, so it’s obviously a tyranny! Trump was the first president to acknowledge that the US is partly responsible for escalating tension in the Korean peninsula. What is obsequiously lacking in the mainstream media discourse on Trump is any inkling of logical subtlety. Trump has been elected, pompous leftists say, because of the ignorance of the masses.

It never occurs to the left that it is the ignorance and stupidity of left-liberal pseudo-intellectuals which have been the fons et origo of right-wing populism’s Will-to-Power.

In the end, again, the election of Trump has enabled the exposure of middle-class leftism to much-deserved ridicule. Middle-class leftism has become the burlesque of our era.


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