Leftwing Pathology I ~Eowyn

The Left, who call themselves liberals and Progressives, are a curious political breed.

In his book, The Liberal Mind, psychiatrist Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D., identifies irrationality as the Left’s dominant attribute — an irrationality that is “the product of psychopathology.”

At the least, liberals are rank hypocrites. Instead of the bleeding hearts they claim to be, liberals are stingy toward the poor and needy; they are generous only with other people’s money. Instead of treating all peoples by the content of their character, liberals are racially discriminatory; some are black and brown supremacists. Instead of the feminists they pretend to be, liberals are misogynists – hateful and vicious toward conservative women. Instead of their rhetoric of being for the common man, liberals are elitist snobs who constantly denigrate their political opponents by portraying conservatives as ignorant, dumb rednecks without a college education or the proper Ivy League credentials.

At the root of the Liberal Syndrome is a mental and moral disorder. Liberals are miserable, bitter, malcontent people with a perennial chip on their shoulder. They are arrogant and narcissistic, with a self-serving relativist morality. That is why they resent religions that have a moral code, especially Christianity that believes human beings are a fallen creation who are redeemed only through the self-sacrifice of a loving but moral God.

This page is an effort to show the true face of the Left. It contains all the posts on the Left. Here’s the color code:

red = left-wing élites; politicians behaving badly; intolerant/violent behaviors, incl. death threats; Antifa. For Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential candidate, go to our “Elections” page.
dark green = welfare abuse, socialism, welfare state, and “fair” wages.
lime green = global warming/climate change and the Green movement.
purple = NFL “take-a-knee” protests, Occupy movement, and public unions.
pink = crime and gun control.
orange = abortion, LGBT, sexual depravity, moral decay, culture of death, and anti-Christian.
brown = leftwing media, Hollywood, academe, churches, businesses, sports, arts, and radical feminists.
teal = psychology of the Left: intolerant, anti-American, anti-free speech, hypocritical, malevolent, insane….

For our posts on race, racism, and the Zimmerman-Martin shooting and trial, go to our separate “Black Racism” page.


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