Yes – what happened to this school for elitists? In earlier days this school was touted number one in stature. And now, it is in the toilet with ideas of Marxism. Is it true that it is a total socialist school and full of professors who are against the American people and our Constitution?

This is the problem – Obama at Har-fraud – eight years of Obama sent our country into the pits of Hell. Now Prez Trump is trying to dig us out while the Dem’s are trying to put us deeper in debt by not changing the laws of immigration because they are trying to change the color of America. The Dem’s are the mob loaded with crimes.


It is time for an investigation of all colleges and to adjust the number of professors to equalize the socialists versus the conservatives. It has been taken over by the socialists and have been turned into resorts not educational institutions. They have taken political correctness to a level beyond the bounds of integrity.



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