What is Florida thinking if the truth is Gillum is neck and neck with Ron DeSantis. Gillum’s intelligence is the size of a pea. Look at what he left behind in his previous job.

Who is voting for this Gillum guy? Don’t they know he is a Democrat muslim socialist and follows Sharia law and not the Constitution? He is backed by Obama and the Democrats – do you years of taking your state down to the basement as Obama did?


Video: Nancy Pelosi Confronted By Pro-Trump Cubans In Florida.

To see the video – go to website below:


October 18, 2018 11:53 am

(Big League Politics) – Nancy Pelosi spent her Wednesday in South Florida, meeting with many of the students leading the anti-gun March For Our Lives movement, as well as other prominent Democrats in the area.

But while the Democrats may have given them a warm welcome, area residents sure didn’t.

At a stop in the Miami area, local residents, mostly made up of Cuban Americans, participated in a “flash protest” against Pelosi.

The protest took place outside of a Democrat office where she was meeting with Andrew Gillum, who is running for governor in Florida.

The video, recorded by local resident Enrique Tarrio, shows Pelosi entering the building while being yelled at by a group of angry protesters, calling her a communist.

WARNING: Explicit language


The screams calling her a communist likely have to do with her meeting with Gillum, who many consider a socialist.

Gillum has been facing heavy resistance from Cuban Americans, who generally are strongly opposed to socialism and communism.

(Cubans left Cuba to get away from socialism – they better be speading the word. Gillum could NOT handle the last job he had because of all of the corruption.)

A past video posted by Big League Politics features a small group of largely Cuban protesters interrupting Gillum at another campaign stop.

The race for the Governor’s mansion in Florida has been extremely contentious, with Republican Ron DeSantis touting support from President Donald Trump, while Gillum is endorsed by former President Barack Obama.

Florida residents will make their choice on November 6th, and the race appears to be neck-and-neck.



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