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#WalkAway from the left Democrat Socialists/Muslims. A vote for any democrat is a vote against our country and the Constitution (law and order.). Even if you don’t like the Prez – hold your nose and vote for all Republicans so that we can continue restoring our country. It is a matter of life or death of our country.


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Liberal Democrats who were once blinded by the dark far Left are beginning to see the light.   They understand that the far left, which is made up of politicians (corrupt politicians) and money sources such as George Soros and Hollywood types, care only about power.  They care not for those they pretend to represent.  They only use them to carry out their dirty schemes, convincing them they will be better for it.   We’ll take care of you, just do as you are told.

Those that are seeing the far Left for what they are and what they are doing, are beginning to Walk Away.  More need to follow, join The March in D.C. on the 27th; but they must first Wake Up to join up and Walk Away.   They could be greatly instrumental in crushing the far Left’s craziness party.

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