T.I. stated: Dear 45, I ain’t Kanye.”

That is true – T.I. is still stuck on the Plantation and doesn’t want to go forward cause he is scared of what is out there. He is scared of the uncertainty and to step out of that box because the Dem’s always ran the Plantation.

Does T.I. understand what Obama did to the country – look how many governors, congressmen, and senators he lost as Dem’s during his time in office? That’s a lot.

What do blacks/hispanics have to lose by voting for the country? A vote for any Democrat is a continued lawless country without the Constitution/law and order and in its stead is socialism/Sharia law. There is no freedom but slavery under Sharia. Is that what people want for America?

Sharia/socialism has never work – that is why people want to come to America. Look at all of the countries in the world and the shape they are in – nothing but killings and destruction.

Blacks are afraid to make the move out the dungeon of the Democratic Party. Why – because of the pressure from Farrakhan/Obama et al. It has to be hard to make that change; but, when you are not winning and are running with the losing crowd – what do you have to lose.

Look at the last eight years with Obama – he had the House and the Senate and could have done a lot for the blacks. But no, he elected to preach Islam/hate and tried to hurt the blacks and whites by taking away jobs and our very existence by stealing our money and tried to turn the country over to the UN and the One World Order Globalist crowd.

And the Dem’s are still trying to overturn a duly elected President and Rapper T.I. wants to be on that side.

Who do you as a voter support – the loser T.I. or Kanye? I support Kanye who has some common sense and is trying to bring the blacks into this century.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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