Rapper T.I. Uses Melania Lookalike To Strip Nude In Disgusting Video — Stephanie Grisham Calls For Boycott.

(When are T.I.-type of black men going to start giving women a fair shake and treating women as ladies and not whores?)

(Yes, he deserves a boycott. Thought he was more of a business man than this. He is so dumb – looks like the public has over estimated the number of his brain cells – seems like his IQ and show size are the same.)

Rapper T.I. is receiving blowback for using a First Lady Melania Trump lookalike in his new video. T.I. released a small clip of the video via his Twitter account saying, “Dear 45, I ain’t Kanye.”

(Yes, T.I. we know you “ain’t” Kanye cause Kanye has more sense that you. At least he recognizes what the problem is for his people and you don’t – that is the difference. He is working to lift up the people not keep them on Obama/Dem’s plantation like you.)

(The other difference Kanye respects women and doesn’t use them as vulgar props as T.I. does and is just another way men like T.I. disrespects women and uses them for their own gain. It sounds like he enjoys living on that plantation. Did I hear the click of #METOO’s high heels after T.I.?)

The video takes place on a set that has been designed to look like the Oval Office with rapper T.I acting like he is President. The lookalike woman performs a raunchy striptease act wearing a jacket with the same words that Melania wore on a jacket earlier this year, “I really don’t care, do u?”

The lookalike removes the jacket and is completely nude. The camera cuts back her on the desk and she is grabbing T.I’s tie. Melania Trump’s spokeswomen, Stephanie Grisham was disgusted with the rapper’s video and took to Twitter to call for a boycott. Grisham tweeted,

“How is this acceptable? #disgusting #boycottT.I. @Tip”
Several users responded, like user Megan G who actually loves T.I’s music but doesn’t support his antics and tweeted a rebuke.

(Yes, L.T. just keep following them Dem’s. Didn’t you say they had more cotton to pick? I wished I was your Mama – cause you would be going behind the wood shed. Thank goodness someone like Kanye recognizes the difference between going forward and backward.)

(You owe the First Lady an apology – that means you tell her you are sorry.)


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