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This is the problem with Oregon – they have no law and order and do not follow the Constitution. Liberal mayor running the city like a day-care center.


Dem Leader Defends Antifa Right Before Bloody Brawl

10/15/2018 Source: AAN by: AAN Staff

Portland, Oregon’s progressive mayor defended the city’s apathetic response to Antifa’s harassment of bystanders after a video caught the incident on camera. (The Daily Caller)

The video was captured by journalist Andy C. Ngo and shows an older gentleman in a Lexus turning at an intersection occupied by a host of Antifa protesters. After making the turn against the orders of the protesters, a mob chases the Lexus down the street banging on the car, even going so far as to break a window. Officers reportedly watched the incident unfold from a block away.

The hysteria arose after more than 100 protesters took to the Portland streets to rally against the death of Patrick Kimmons, who was fatally shot by police after a gunfight which left two men wounded, according to Fox News.

The Washington Times reported that Wheeler still believes that “motorists should feel completely safe coming into downtown Portland.”

The lack of a more forceful denunciation by Mayor Wheeler and a non-existent police response may have contributed to the massive street brawl that followed Saturday night.

Right-wing organizers scheduled a Patriot Prayer Rally outside Kelly’s Olympian, a bar that’s been a staple of downtown since the early 20th century. Antifa members showed up with weapons, looking for a fight.

From there, things got worse.

Huge brawl just happened and police came in to firenless lethal rounds on people. Right-wingers were clubbing people w clubs outside of Kelly’s Olympian, way worse than NYC last night. proud Boys and Patriot prayer and Antifa just had a huge wild fight.

— Mike “Vampire Hunter B” Bivins (@itsmikebivins) October 14, 2018
Tiny started pummeling a dude and then more ran up to stomp him out. Portland police in riot gear then ran up pic.twitter.com/rFAdnbSdDq

— Mike “Vampire Hunter B” Bivins (@itsmikebivins) October 14, 2018
Presuming this is the guy who got stomped out. His face is a bloody mess as people follow, urging him to leave. Right wingers calling on their comrades to leave him alone pic.twitter.com/m2hhTAAPrl
— Mike “Vampire Hunter B” Bivins (@itsmikebivins) October 14, 2018

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