Google did everything possible to keep this off the air – for documentation purposes.

As all of you know, we have the midterm elections on November 6, 2018, which are the crucial Congressional Elections. In fact, these elections on November 6th are very likely the most important mid-term Congressional Elections of our lifetime.

Democrat socialists/muslims are calling these elections “THE IMPEACHMENT ELECTION” because they promise to IMPEACH President Trump and remove him from office if they win back majority control of Congress on November 6th. Following are the vultures who are after our freedom and the destruction of our country.

The Democrat socialists/muslims don’t like Christianity and the Constitution which our country was founded on, don’t like our guns, and don’t like our freedom. The Democrats/Obama have been lawless by using Sharia law for eight years.


All of us know how much President Trump has achieved in the short time he has been in office and to undue all of the damage Obama and the Democrats have done. Let’s don’t go backwards and let these Democrats turn our country into a socialist country which will happen if they win the election.


Look at our debt which the Democrats/Obama piled on us ($20.5 Trillion), plus the following crimes Obama/Democrats committed which are now being investigated and on top of that – since they lost the election – they tried to unseat the duly elected President which is treason and now want to impeach him. If the Democrats win – all of those crimes will be forfeited. And look at how they lied and tried to destroy Justice Brett Kavanaugh to keep him off the Supreme Court. Is that the type of people we want to lead our country:


A vote for ANY DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST/MUSLIM is a vote for socialism – PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

Everyone, listen to Kanye West who is trying to warn the blacks – Obama/Dem’s did nothing for you all for eight years and now it is time to vote and they want your vote. Everything Obama did was to try to turn the country into a Muslim country. You can #WalkAway.

Do we want more of the same? We deserved what we got with Obama because we let a community organizer fool us and we took our eyes off the ball which is freedom.

We worked too hard in 2016 to elect President Trump and achieved this success for our country. As we all know – we will need at least five votes for everyone of the Democrat votes because of the fake illegal and dead people votes since they lie, cheat, and steal.

The President is the REAL DEAL. If you don’t like him because of his verbal honesty or any other Republican running – hold your nose and vote because it is not the person who is running – it is our country – the socialists want our land, our freedom, and our money.

Please pass this on.


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