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October 10, 2018

ERIC HOLDER: When Republicans Go Low, ‘We Kick Them’ …Crowd Chants, “Fight! Fight! Fight!” (VIDEO)

by Cristina Laila October 10, 2018

The corrupt former Attorney General from the Obama admin, Eric Holder called for violence against Republicans over the weekend during a campaign appearance in Georgia.

“They have used the power that they have gotten for all the wrong things. They want to keep themselves in power. It is time for us as Democrats to be as tough as they are, to be as dedicated as they are, to be as committed as they are,” Holder said.

“Michelle Obama always says…when they go low, we go high. NO! When they go low, we kick them,” Eric Holder said as the audience laughed, cheered and clapped.

The crowd broke into chants of “fight! fight! fight!” after Eric Holder called for Republicans to be “kicked.”

“That’s what this new Democratic Party is about. We’re proud as hell to be Democrats. We’re going to fight for the ideals of the Democratic Party,” Eric Holder said.

Not only are the left-wing shock troops on the ground chasing Republicans out of restaurants, pounding on cars, and cracking skulls, the Democrat leaders are calling for violence.

Dem Congresswoman Maxine Waters previously called for members of the Trump cabinet to be harassed everywhere they go.

Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton also said this week that Democrats can’t be civil with Republicans.


How sad the jack thug showed his hand and how they still haven’t gotten over their loss to President Trump. You would think they would hold up their chin and work to be partisan and help everyone instead of filling their own pockets. What did Obama/Holder do for this country while they were in office – nothing – but tear up the country and send our debt out of sight. You would think they would “build something – anything.” But they didn’t even do that -because they didn’t know how to run anything but their mouths.

Their problem is they are not following the Constitution. The Democrats are lost in their own ideology of socialism/Islam and are confused. They are no longer the old Democratic Party. They were in good stead as long as Obama was at the helm and they could break any law. Now they are a ship without a rudder and are afloat. They have so many different ideologies and cultures and they are all going in different directions. You have the blacks following Farrakhan, you have the illegals following the sanctuary city politicians, and the rest of the Democrat politicians are trying to steal as much as they can – while they can.

My suggestion to those people who have been assaulted should hold their ground, call the Police, and let them handle the situation.


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  1. The problem is that police in many cities will do little or NOTHING to help people being attacked by leftist crowds. A man found that out in Portland when he had to drive his car into and thru a crowd. Police had sent EMAILS, informing the public that streets surrounded and taken over by the left would be declared CLOSED!! That didn’t do much to help the man whose car had been surrounded, windows smashed…
    Sooner or later a mob of these paid whack-jobs will surround a family in their car…Dad, Mom, Son and Daughter. And someone will be badly hurt, possibly killed because police have been told by the liberal, city mayor that they should not interfere with the relatively harmless demonstrators…you know, the ones dressed in Black with the Black face masks!
    Rather than allow his Wife/children to be mobbed, perhaps killed, Dad in the car will pull out a .45 and shoot 2 or 3 of the “harmless” protesters.
    The majority of Americans will favor giving Dad a medal!!


    • They might get by with that in Oregon because of the liberals running the show and they are the people who are giving out the Police instructions and are taking up for the bad guys. Sooner or later as you say will happen and you will hear the liberals making more excuses.



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