Gulf of Alaska a place where two oceans meet


Posted on January 18, 2018 by krishnakumarsinghblog

The boundaries of the two oceans on the earth are such that they meet with each other very clearly. The Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean meet each other in the Gulf of Alaska, but do you know that this view of the union of these two is the most unique in the world, because the waters of these two oceans do not dissolve, but they are completely visible in different colors.

This view can be seen from the ship passing through here. Seeing it from the sky, this border looks amazing. Actually, it is a light blue water coming from a glacier, deep blue water coming from the other side of the ocean, as well as a wall of foam spot both of these.

Actually, the water of both of them is a special reason to look completely different from each other. Scientists believe that it depends upon to many things including water density and its temperature. After all the research, scientists have concluded that due to the different density of saline and fresh water and the separation of the salt and temperature present in them, these two waters do not get completely mixed together.

The water of the Pacific Ocean comes from the glacier because it is light blue and without salt, whereas the Indian Ocean water is quite saline. The waters of these two oceans do not meet due to the different density on the upper surface, and when this water collides with each other, some foam continues to grow and this foam water looks like a boundary on the surface. Due to the different density of saline and sweet water in the sunlight, the color of both water looks completely different from each other. This view is really shocking to the world.

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