CONFUSION: Nancy Pelosi calls Kavanaugh ‘Justice’

What gall from Pelosi. Following are some words from true patriots.

James McBride

The democrats revealed their true character and immoral behavior in character assassination due to their defeat in the 2016 election result; and they have lost their integrity within their political activities and the democrats who have led this assault for a vicious character assassination should be removed from congress and exiled from any future political endeavors of themselves.

Joyce Miller

James McBride, you have stated that they, the democrats, have lost their integrity. Looking at the thread of democratic activity for the past hundred years, I truly doubt they had any to loose. They have just been good at working in the dark, being good at covering up with words to deceive.

President Trump came along, turned on the light and along with a few good men of the Freedom Caucus revealing or at least fighting to reveal the democrats true nature. They were close to fulfilling their “TRANSFORMATION” under Obama and are now a very frustrated thwarted group and have thrown off all of their phony cover and are pushing back, wishing to continue the dismantling of American society and the cement that has held this country together, the Constitution, to reveal who and what they truly are.



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