KOMMONSENTSJANE – The Left Declares Total War. By: The Coach’s Team

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A Democrats’ brain is on the wrong side and that is why they make such bad decisions. By the time it circles the brain’s circumference to get to the processing area – there is such a large amount to be scanned because of their lacking decision-making abilities – their brain ices up up (just like your windshield during freezing weather). That is is the reason for bad decisions or no decision at all.



The Coach's Team

The following article appeared in Powerline on October 3rd

By Steven Hayward

If it wasn’t already evident that even if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court in a few days the left will carry on with a full-scale attack (including an impeachment investigation), then the email below from Harold Meyerson of The American Prospect sent out yesterday makes the matter explicit. I’ll intersperse my comments in places:KAVANAUGH 3

The Back-Up Way of Defeating Kavanaugh. Assume the worst: Let’s posit that within a week, despite the evidence of his abuses when young, his temperament when middle-aged, and his unyieldingly troglodytic beliefs at all times, Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed as a Supreme Court justice. That, of course, would create the first hard-right majority on the Court since 1937—a majority dead-set against modernity, equal rights for women and minorities, and any rights at all for workers. What to do then?

Comment: Actually…

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