As we all know Hillary Clinton was out stomping again with the Atlantic which is a far left gang of jack thugs and calling out the conservatives with her “deplorables” signature.

She is becoming worried about Judge Kavanaugh being placed on the Supreme Court. Why would she be worried if she hasn’t done anything wrong. The reason is that the Judge follows the laws of the Constitution and she and her gang worked during Obama’s eight years by obstructing justice and going around the Constitution and were lawless.

They set the tone for legality or illegality and chose illegality. They set the tone for racial division by their actions and using George Soros to fund their misdeeds.

Yes, she has a lot to worry about. Her party – the democrats – have defended slavery, started the Civil War, founded the KKK, and have fought against every civil rights act in U.S. history and continue to do so.

The conservatives have to understand that reality is – the Democrats do what they do because the conservatives allow it. A good example is the Judge Kavanaugh hearings whereby the leftists used their jack thug tactics to destroy the Judge and his family and anyone who stands in the way of their winning. It was inspiring to hear Senator Lindsey Graham speak out and now follow up with an investigation to show how the jack thug Democrats deliberately obstructed justice by withholding information that was important to the hearing.

It is time to throw the first stone at the hooligans and set out these people (Democrats) who “obstructed justice.”

And back to this jack thug called Hillary Clinton whose popularity has sunk to a new low which is well deserved. You would think by now she would get the hint that she lost the election because people despise what she and Bill Clinton have done to this country.

Hillary Clinton, conspiring with Obama,has committed to the fundamental change of our country into what can only be regarded as a communist state. Neither one of them used the laws of the Constitution – but Sharia law under the tutelage of Obama.

In order to start the process, we must place Judge Kavanagugh on the Supreme Court to help our country get back on its feet by completing the investigations and bring all of these jack thugs before Lady Justice – who they have raped and pillaged.


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