Why is it?

Our President and our country are backing Israel 100 percent; but, yet, we have the Jewish people in America backing Democrats, Hillary/Obama and the swamp. Why is that? Are the American Jewish people not the same as the people in Israel? Look at Hollywood who have shamefully condemned President Trump and the people of America who voted for him.

A good example is Barbara Streisand who just released a song against our President and the country and is a supporter of Hillary Clinton. Are these Hollywood hypocrites not following the true belief of their religion?


These Hollywood people live in their castles and continue to bite the hands that feed them. Boycott, Streisand and Matt Damon – they are not patriots but ratskys.

Why would we support any movies out of Hollywood while they live in our country and constantly create division with their antics? They are not the solution but THE problem. Instead of using these antics and money condemning America – why don’t they use it to help bring our country together and help our children?

Can Alan Dershowitz explain why Hollywood Jews are treating Americans so badly? Why would Americans want to back Israel if the Hollywood Jews hate Americans so much?

Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh were not on trial, but it might have seemed that way during that nine-hour long Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday.

Also,why are the Democrats not following the Constitution rather than being lawless?


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