Life must have a reason, goals for which to strive, memories are lights that burn…to keep the heart alive.

Now that the left has had its first round of trying to destroy the nominee to the Supreme Court – Judge Kavanaugh – and Flake (R) succumbed to pressure from the left (Coons who is suppose to be his friend) – what will be their next move after the FBI’s seventh investigation?

Now that Prez Trump has ordered a seventh FBI investigation due to the left creeps who didn’t do their due diligence (job) – some of the left did not do their job as Senators and would not meet with Judge Kavanaugh and ask questions (dereliction of duty), and now want the FBI to do their job to delay, delay – the FBI should include the left in their investigation.

The left’s interference in the decorum during the hearing – setting up fake protesters in the chamber area to attack Jeff Flake in an elevator.

Senator Feinstein’s withholding (hiding) the important letter and committing obstruction of justice.

The left’s out burst during the hearing (Booker, Harris,and Klobuchar) and walking out of the hearing.

Investigate who paid for the lawyers and polygraph for the accuser. We see Rep Jackson Lee giving the lawyer an envelope with the accuser present – but, she didn’t know who was paying for her to appear?

Is this called the payoff by Democrat Rep Jackson Lee?

Wait for the video to pop up.

The American people have to understand – this fight is between good and evil (the Democrats – not partisan politics.


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