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Why are all of the white and black people on the main street media/democrats so racist and hateful. Is it Trump Syndrome – no it isn’t that? The sooner America realizes we are not divided by politics – we are divided by good and evil.

We have too many politicians who would kill a baby on its birthday and even more who believe they can marry their cat. How do these democrats and media evils survive – by slander and calumny without regard for human beings.

How do we get rid of these evil democrats in the Senate because the demands will not stop – nor fulfilling their demands won’t change one vote?

Now for the real reason for this blog.


FOX News Contributor Kevin Jackson (a black) Fired for Tweets Calling Kavanaugh Accusers ‘Lying Skanks’

Joy Behar (a Jewish woman) accuses Republicans of pushing Kavanaugh confirmation in order to ‘retain white power’. Said Behar: “The people on the Republican side, it looks like to me, do not want to investigate this any further. They just want to hold on to their power. They know that this country is getting darker.

Following is for Behar:

Public Overestimates U.S. Black and Hispanic Populations
Perceptions of the percentage of Hispanics in America have grown significantly since 1990, while perceptions of the percentage of blacks have remained steady.

Senator Mazie Hirono (a Hawaiian) the senator telling men to ‘shut up and step up’ in the wake of Kavanaugh allegations. She is bullying the people of this country.

Why are all of these people so racist? The only thing about it is that only the black man was fired for being racist – why is that? None of the women were fired.

Something is wrong with this picture.


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