(Remember this nerd who told us that we could keep our doctor and insurance and you didn’t build this – and you might know – some people believed him and put him into office for eight years cause they thought he would patch up the differences in our cultures.

But, solly Charlie, he was lying all the while and – instead – he made things worse – really worse. He left us with with his Leftists Party by trying to take over the country and oust our duly elected Prez – remember, that nerd! HE’S BACK! ARREST THAT NERD AND HIS GANG OF THIEVES WHO COMMITTED TREASON.)

“Obama rails against Trump, Republicans in fiery return to campaign trail” – Fox News

In the entire history of the United States, NO American President (he wasn’t no American Prez) has EVER stayed in Washington, DC after their term was complete. NO President has EVER interfered in his successor’s duties…


Barack Obama’s REVENGE

Now Obama’s stepping up his assault on America — launching a massive campaign to help Democrats retake the Senate, House, and ultimately… The White House.

We fought like hell to support President Trump and get this country back on track. But now, I need to know if I can still count on you.

(We have to call everyone out in the midterm elections and “I ain’t whistlin’ in Dixie” – because you know what those leftists do – they cheat. For every one of them – we have to have five real votes to over rule their cheating vote. We will also have to trust but verify the illegals. And as far as the dead folks – we are going to have to keep those lids buttoned down for sure.)

Let’s let the nerd know – that we voted his party of leftists muslims/socialists out and we will do it again with MASS voting by conservatives and Dem’s who don’t want to continue being slaves to those jokers. Don’t listen to this nerd’s lies.


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